Queen Lyrics - Fetty Wap
Queen Lyrics – Fetty Wap

Queen Lyrics – Fetty Wap: Presenting the lyrics of the song “Queen” sung by Fetty Wap. The producer of this song is Myles Jacob & FrankGotThePack.

Queen Lyrics – Fetty Wap

Ain’t no bros over hoes when you fuck with a queen
I got mines stuck with a king
I put my pride to the side when she right, get it in all night
That my baby do whatever she please, keys to the R8
I be juuging all day, keep a meal ready baby know what I need
Working out of hallways, looking like [?]
Nigga my trap jumping I ain’t worried ’bout debt
I love your hairstyle baby
Toes and your nails done, your ass look good, so I’m bringing a dick
I know you love diamonds, I know you love shining, flawless, diamonds, baby they click (Um)
Put you on a big lay I know you like to fuck in a air
Don’t you enter ’cause we fucking in here, yeah baby (Um)
Know you like to drive something fast, mе too, so I bought us a pair, yeah baby (Um)
Trapping out the drop, two seatеr (Yeah)
I don’t give a fuck who see us (Yeah)
And that nigga should’ve kept you, I ran an interception, we on a different level, yeah
When I hit the town start running it up (Ooh), getting money if you’re running with us (Ooh)
Got it on lock my only focus is you (Um), roll out the carpet same color your shoes (Um, um)
I’mma king, many reasons (Ooh)
Notice you a queen I can see in your demeanor (Ooh)
From the spot I’ve been watching you, clocking you, see what we gon’ do
I can’t even lie, you’ve been turning me on baby
Reason why I put you in a song baby
You look at me once, get the car and we going baby
Hit the house, close the door and it’s on baby
I don’t really care, they can listen we grown baby
Love it when you scream and you moan baby
Show you how to get it I got rich on my own baby
Young nigga I got multiple homes baby
Rolls Royce got stars in the car
So high we can land on mars
Baby I can make it ours
Young nigga got his M’s up yeah baby

Fetty Wap – Queen Song Details

Song: Queen
Singer: Fetty Wap
Produced by: Myles Jacob & FrankGotThePack
Album: The Butterfly Effect
Written By: Fetty Wap
Release Date: October 22, 2021


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