Mona Lisa Lyrics - Fetty Wap
Mona Lisa Lyrics – Fetty Wap

Mona Lisa Lyrics – Fetty Wap: Presenting the lyrics of the song “Mona Lisa” from the Album The Butterfly Effect sung by Fetty Wap. The producer of this song is Shy Boogs & Brian “Peoples” Garcia.

Mona Lisa Lyrics – Fetty Wap


Before I knew my name I had you
Way before the house and the pool
When the lights was dim I had you
They’ll play no game without you
When I die they gon bury me under the sea
Just make sure when I go
That you’re fucking with me
My baby doesn’t shoot
I got a hand on the blicky
She know I’m a legend
They know nigga fucking with me
Baby girl I could say the same thing for you
Never lie to me it keep it true, oo oo
You know that this life could be us oo oo oo
Be my bonny, I’m your Clide, break the rules

I know that you love me
I ain’t gotta ask if you love me
Coz, you been by my side when I had nothing
Bitches hit my line and you don’t judge me
You just fuck with me
You hid my work in your crib from the feds
Girl I love you like I love my babe
And girl I’m stuck witchu baby
Stuck with me baby
Gave you all of me baby, yeah


Fetty Wap – Mona Lisa Song Details

Song: Mona Lisa
Singer: Fetty Wap
Produced by: Shy Boogs & Brian “Peoples” Garcia
Album: The Butterfly Effect
Written By: Brian “Peoples” Garcia & Fetty Wap
Release Date: October 22, 2021

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